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Monday, 24 July 2017


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Everyone loves an outdoor party.  Unfortunately, Mother Nature is often an uninvited and unwelcome guest.

Barbecues, weddings, birthday parties, reunions, sports activities; whatever the occasion, if it's done outdoors you'll definitely be wise to invest in a canopy tent.  In rain or in sunshine, your guests will welcome the protection as they stay warm and dry on cool rainy days, or seek shelter from the blazing sun on bright summer afternoons.

While tent canopies do offer much-needed protection from the elements, they also add a stylish touch to your outdoor affair.  You'll find tent canopies in a variety of sizes and designs.  You can choose from different materials and varying degrees of quality.  It all depends upon your budget.

There are big party canopies for larger events with lots of guests, pop-up canopies for simple family gatherings and occasions, and very basic tent canopies that offer a corner retreat in your backyard.

The following outline will give you a better idea of what's available, with approximate prices:

Ace Party Tent Canopies

At 10' x 10', this model is just right for a backyard party.  Stylish and very compact, it's easy to install and ideal for homeowners who wish to do it themselves.   This Party Canopy Pole Tent brings an element of class along with function, great for small gatherings that require elegance.  Priced at $795.95, it also features the following:

* Heavy Duty Polyester Oxford Top Cover
* 600 Denier Cloth
* Waterproof and Weather Resistant
* Full UV Protection
* Fire Retardant Cover
* 2" Pole Diameter, Heavy-duty 16 Gauge Galvanized Steel Poles
* Easy Set-up
* 1,000 mmHg of Water Resisting Pressure

Ace Party Tent Canopies # 20' by 30'

The features meet or exceed those listed above, however this party-pleasure measures a whopping 20' x 30'.  The eye-catching design is perfect for any occasion, bringing elegance and a lot of function to any outdoor occasion.  Despite the huge size, this canopy tent is easy to install.  It's priced at $1,195.95 and boasts these features:

* Heavy Duty Polyester Oxford Tarp (Canopy Cover)
* 500 Denier
* Full UV Protection
* Flame Retardant Compliance Tag
* Water Resisting pressure: 1,000mm Hg
* Compliance with Fire Marshall Code CPAI 84-7
* Heavy Duty Ball Tie Downs
* Waterproof and Weather Resistant
* No Tools Required; Easy Set-up
* Super Heavy Duty Construction
* Galvanized Steel Poles (2 inch Pole Diameter); Made of Heavy Duty 17-Gauge Steel

Vista Peak Party Tent by Eureka

The 10' x 10' Vista Peak Party Tent is a stylish party frame canopy tent with a crosswire that supports the center pole. The center pole does not get in the way of useable space, and there are no rafters to contend with.  At $1,539 it's a great tent that provides many additional features:

* Vista tops are made from a 14-ounce gloss vinyl
* Frame parts are connected with quick pins
* Tension style peak top frame tent
* Improved cable or pulley system
* Eureka's patent-pending swivel leg provides quick, easy set-up
* Lower frame is constructed with 2" anodized tubing
* Larger 15' x 15' and the 20' x 20' sizes use 2" x 4" twin tube.
* Available in an array of colors suitable for any special event.

Elite Party Tent Canopies

The Elite Party Canopy Tents by Eureka are perfect for large outdoor gatherings with many guests.  At 20' x 40' they are quite large, but feature a sophisticated interior.  These stylish tent canopies feature a distinctive roof design and optional color band.  Priced at $3,289 they're not the least expensive but do offer an array of features:

* Pole / Tension tent design
* Heavy-duty top
* Sidewall ropes
* 13-14 oz. vinyl-laminate tent fabric
* Reinforced corners and pole positions
* Anodized sectional aluminum poles
* Stamped aluminum side pole fittings
* Storm lines at all center poles
* Attached and braided guy lines with sliders
* Storage bags included

If you are planning an outdoor affair, and Mother Nature is definitely not on your "A" List, consider a tent canopy.  These are just a few of the models available to buy; you can also contact a party supply store to ask about renting tent canopies.  Give your guests the comfort and protection they deserve, with a stylish and secure tent canopy.
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